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Love K-State? Me too! I graduated in 1994. My wife has a Master's Degree from K-State - suffice it to say there's a lot of purple in our house. These images are officially licensed products and have a license watermark. If you want to buy a print without a watermark, drop me an email or give me a call and I can arrange to have the licensing device affixed to the packaging. There's no extra charge for that option but it will add a few days to the order. The "David Mayes Photography, Inc." watermark will NOT show up in your prints.

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Autumn gameday in Manhattan.KS Hill at sunrise.Waters HallSunrise illuminates Anderson HallHale LibraryK-State Alumni Center.Regnier HallKSU Gardens and Dairy Barn.Anderson Hall SteepleAnderson Hall and 150th PlazaAnderson Hall SnowstormAnderson Hall with Autumn LeavesAnderson Hall EveningAnderson Hall steeple in the snow.Autumn snowstorm on Anderson Hall wide view.Autumn snowstorm near Anderson Hall.Aerial view of sunrise on Anderson Hall.Anderson Hall K-State Union and Ahearn FieldhouseMain CampusSnowy Ahearn Fieldhouse